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December 2014
Rosie's new book is here and has received GREAT reviews!. It takes a close look at organizational and employee wellbeing; what they are and what they are not, why traditional approaches to promoting them are less effective than we would like and what can be done to help improve them. Along with her co-author, Dr. Jon Robison, they separate fact from fiction, rhetoric from reality and provide a step- by-step blueprint for transforming workplaces into world-class cultures in which both individuals and organizations will thrive.

March 2011

Rosie served as a contributing author to Organizational Development in Health Care:  High Impact Practices for a Complex and Changing Environment, which serves as a guidebook for leaders in healthcare. Rosie's Chapter Title is Intrinsic: The Missing Link to Creating a Culture of Well-Being and Employee Engagement. (Information Age Publishing)

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November 2016

Rosie and her business partner, Jon, were featured in an Expert Interview with WELCOA (Wellness Councils of America) where they discuss The Fusion of Organizational Development and employee wellbeing; distinguish culture from climate; and discuss important considerations and metrics for building a thriving workplace culture. 

(Note: free download from WELCOA's website)

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July 2013

Rosie was featured in an Expert Interview with WELCOA (Wellness Councils of America) where she discusses the need to move beyond traditional wellness programs and instead focus on sustainability via creating a world-class culture.