Transformation through Better Thinking(TM)


Speaking Services.

Keynote Address

Book Rosie for your next conference or event and leave the audience thinking differently (in a good way...). She customizes her message to most effectively meet the needs of your audience and event.


Employee Meetings and Leadership Events

Whether you need a motivational speaker to energize your group or need an expert to challenge leaders to think differently and understand why creating a thriving work culture is a business imperative (and how to start the process), Rosie can provide presentations to meet your needs and set you on a path towards world-class.


Leadership Workshops and Training

As a stand-alone event to support your efforts or part of a comprehensive leadership development plan, Rosie provides customized half-day to 2-day and multi-series workshops for executive teams and leadership teams that address the following:

  • Building Trust and Creating a Cohesive Team
  • Finding Your WHY / Creating Clarity of Purpose
  • Developing a Leadership Mindset
  • Building Organizational Health
  • Building Resiliency
  • Judgment Index™ Workshops (using the Hartman Value Profile to better understand self and team dynamics, succession planning, etc.)
  • Effective Communication / Effective Leading via Better Thinking
  • Rethinking Motivation / Eliciting an Empowered Workforce
  • Leveraging Wellbeing for Business Sustainability
  • Overcoming Our Immunity to Change



 What People Are Saying....


"I heard Rosie for the first time at a National Wellness Conference three years ago and was mesmerized, not only with her message, but also with her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge! She is not only aware of what isn’t working in the wellness industry, but she had big, bold, new ideas of what can work! I immediately booked her for our annual Working Well CEO Breakfast two years ago. Everyone was WOWed by her and raved about her presentation for months! Two years later, we are bringing her back again and have a sold out audience who can’t wait to hear what she has to say! Rosie is at the forefront of the paradigm shift that is going on in wellness today because of her understanding of the total interdependence of organizational and employee well-being. She not only sees the need for change, but also has innovative ideas of how to make those changes. She totally engages her audience from the moment she walks on stage with her forward thinking, presented with great humor and animation. If you want to hit a home run with a speaker, bring Rosie to your next event!"
(Mary Barley, Executive Director of Working Well, Tallahassee, FL)
"Rosie Ward is an energetic, vibrant and forceful speaker. She can move the masses through intelligent thought - one that inspires the change in all of us. You simply go away from spending time with her feeling like she's give you superpowers!"

(Cathy Thompson, Director of HR, Grandview Lodge)


August 26

5 Key Principles to Re-Humanize Your Workplace(keynote)

Stepping Into Your Role as a Leader of Positive Change(breakout)

Marathon Health Customer Forum

Stowe, VT

August 27

5 Key Principles to Re-Humanize Your Workplace: Step Into Your Role as a Culture Influencer & Leader of Positive Change

WELCOA Annual Summit

Philadelphia, PA

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


APRIL 2019

April 12

From Stressed & Stagnant to Energized & Thriving:    Re-Humanizing Workplaces One Team at a Time

HR Tomorrow Conference

Minneapolis, MN


February 14
Building a Thriving, Human Workplace: Rethinking Your Role from Program Implementer to Culture Influencer (keynote and book signing)
American Heart Association's Workplace Health Summit

Denver, CO

MARCH 2019

March 19

The Power of Purpose: A Key Tenant for Successful, Future-Ready Organizations

Conscious Capitalism Minneapolis Chapter Event

Minneapolis, MN

March 21

Rethinking the Role of Wellbeing for Humanized, High-Performing Organizations (morning keynote)

Stepping Into Your Role as a Leader of Positive Change(lunchtime keynote)

Association of Washington Cities Healthy Worksite Summit

​Lynnwood, WA