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Eliciting Engagement: Leadership Development

Dr. Ward develops leadership teams and wellbeing strategies that foster happier, engaged employees. Many organizations do not have a comprehensive plan for developing current and future leaders. She works with you on multiple levels to ensure you are set up for success to intentionally harness a thriving workplace culture. Frequently this includes developing a comprehensive leadership development strategy that meets long-term objectives while also addressing immediate needs. Because having a truly cohesive executive team is critical to organizational health, Rosie often starts by working with executive teams; however, she supports all levels of management within her client organizations.

Leadership Services & Workshop Topics:

  • Rebuilding trust and improving team cohesiveness
  • Building Organizational Health
  • Clarifying WHY (purpose) and translating values into clear                                                                                    behavioral anchors
  • Moving from armored to Daring leadership
  • Intrinsic Coaching® development for leaders
  • Leveraging Judgment Index™, Hogan, & The Leadership Circle Profile                                                                    assessments to improve individual and team functioning, enhance                                                                          succession planning, and build a top-notch workforce.
  • Individual & team-based Immunity to Change coaching
  • How to intentionally nurture a desired culture that free, fuels and                                                                 inspires people to bring their best to work.
Transformation through Better Thinking(TM)


Consulting Services.

Beyond The Bribes:  "Correcting" for Incentives

For organizations who have fallen into the trap of using incentives to bribe employees to achieve various health behaviors or metrics (which has been proven to be ineffective and not sustainable), but don't know what to do, there is hope! Dr. Ward works with organizations to redesign wellness program efforts that help reduce the pitfalls of using incentives and move from program compliance to engagement

“Last year our organization was in a state of flux. The management team was committed to implementing a vision that would provide expansion and growth for the company. Rosie provided a leadership development program that focused not only the details of what a plan may contain, but also on how we communicate better to develop the plan. Her leadership provided our group the means to work together to identify common goals. By her example we were able to make steps forward in creating an atmosphere of collaboration among our team, and extend
that collaboration to improve the culture and employee engagement in our company.” 

Sustainable Solutions: Organizational Wellbeing

Forget flashy promises, "quick fixes" and "funny math"; Dr. Ward meets you where you are and partners with you to create a strategy that makes sense and is sustainable. Building a thriving culture at work that supports and enhances both organizational and employee wellbeing is like building a structurally sound and esthetically pleasing house. If you take shortcuts, skip an important step, or use outdated designs or materials, the house will not be able to withstand the tests of time – including weathering the inevitable future storms. The same holds true for organizational and employee wellbeing. Rosie has consistently found that when companies take shortcuts, skip important steps, and base their efforts on outdated paradigms, it’s like building a house on quicksand; it is not sustainable and can have dire consequences. She meets organizations wherever they are at follow a proven step-by-step blueprint for building a thriving work culture - whether you just need her support on a short-term project basis to get going or want her ongoing guidance on a retainer basis. Her clients see results. Some of the common services provided include:

  • Culture workshops to support intentionally defining and creating your desired culture and  employee experience
  • Facilitating workshops to clarify the organizations WHY (purpose), Core Values and Guiding Principles
  • Facilitating strategic and annual planning to promote The Fusion of organizational and employee wellbeing
  • Holistic data analysis (including the Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™)
  • Creating a foundation that will support sustainable wellbeing solutions (e.g., forming or re-framing wellbeing teams and ambassadors, branding and communicating wellbeing as a benefit of employment, leadership training, comprehensive education and communication strategies, and more)