Meet Dr. Rosie Ward

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Transformation through Better Thinking(TM)


  • "She's a great ball of energy!"
  • "Her passion is unmatched."
  • "She builds amazing rapport with all she works with; she takes her work seriously but doesn't take herself too seriously."
  • "Thank God for her challenging the status quo! I'm definitely a Dr. Rosie Ward groupie! "

Rosie Ward, Ph.D., MPH, MCHES, BCC, CIC®, CVS-FR

Rosie began her career in 1994 in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer and ended up focusing on worksite health promotion. With degrees in kinesiology and public health, she learned early on in her career of the fundamental disconnect between the research being done by industry leaders demonstrating the financial link between health risks and costs, ROI, etc. and what business leaders actually cared about on a daily basis. At the same time, Rosie found herself drawn to business and Organizational Development (OD) books. Rosie knew the key to making a difference was to approach things differently. She earned her Ph.D. in 2008 in Organization and Management where her studies focused on organizational culture, leadership, coaching and intrinsic motivation.


In 2004, Rosie began her training and development in Intrinsic Coaching® and was intrigued by the focus on shifting thinking patterns. She began providing coaching services and eventually became a Certified Intrinsic Coach® Mentor leading training programs for others. She became so convinced of the power of strengthening intrinsic and overall thinking patterns that she conducted a couple of exploratory research studies examining the impact of Intrinsic Coaching® on organizational commitment, job satisfaction, resilience and work/life balance and shifting thinking patterns (measured via the Hartman Value Profile). Her research also found that strengthening intrinsic and overall thinking also improved health measures.


As Rosie learned more from psychology, business, behavior change theorists, neuroscience, and others, she began to see her niche...helping organizations recognize the importance of wellbeing on the organizational and individual level. She formed Salveo Partners, LLC with her business partner where they leverage The Fusion of organizational and employee wellbeing to create thriving workplace cultures. She is a Certified Judgment Index Consultant, a Certified Valuations Specialist, a Board Certified Coach and Certified Immunity to Change™ Coach, Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, and certified in using the Hogan and Leadership Circle Profile assessments. She works with executive and leadership teams to create a comprehensive leadership development strategy centered around shifting thinking patterns, and she helps organizations develop and implement strategies to create a thriving workplace culture that values and supports wellbeing and the unique, intrinsic needs of employees. She also trains and mentors others to help shift the trajectory of the worksite wellness industry and improve organizational culture. She truly practices what she preaches; in her "spare" time, Rosie teaches Spinning® and Zumba® classes. And of course she cherishes and enjoys spending time with her family.



Once viewed as "ahead of her time",      Dr. Rosie Ward is now regularly sought after to speak for industry conferences, leadership groups, professional organizations, and more. As a consultant, and Board Certified Coach, Rosie helps organizations bridge the gap between fostering individual intrinsic values while creating a culture where employees are fully engaged and productive.