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Forget flashy promises, "quick fixes" and "funny math"; Dr. Ward meets you where you are and partners with you to create a strategy that makes sense and is sustainable.

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Dr. Ward is a leading expert in organizational and employee well-being.

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Beyond The Bribes

Delivering innovative strategies to reduce the pitfalls of using incentives to drive desired employee behaviors.

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Dr. Ward develops leadership teams and well-being strategies that foster happier, engaged employees.

December 2014
Rosie's new book is available and the reviews are GREAT! It takesa close  look at organizational and employee wellbeing; what they are and what they are not, why traditional approaches to promoting them are less effective than we would like and what can be done to help improve them. Along with her co-author, Dr. Jon Robison, they separate fact from fiction, rhetoric from reality and provide a step- by-step blueprint for transforming workplaces into world-class cultures in which both individuals and organizations will thrive.